About brand

We would like to present to you a well-known brand in Europe DE ESSE. Products of this famous fashion house are enjoying a growing popularity nowadays. The DE ESSE trademark was created in 2002 by a group of designer enthusiasts, and today has become one of the European leading manufacturers of leather goods products.

Traditionally, the collections have been designed for customers from the Eastern Europe, and the ideas and trends have been defined by western fashion.

The fashion house makes unique hand bags, briefcases and accessories. You can always find capacious travel bags and suitcases, purses, practical man bags, very comfortable belts, reliable umbrellas, stylish scarves and other accessories in the range of the products offered by the brand.

Designers of the DE ESSE brand develop handbags specifically for modern women, so a unique approach to the quality of materials and execution of designer’s solution for the item is used when creating the models. Due to this fact many men and women in Europe choose this brand.

The general office is located in Toulouse at the following address: 15, Chemin de la Crabe, 31300, Toulouse, France.